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37 Things Kate Hudson Does To Stay In Shape—Physically And Mentally

There’s no denying that Kate Hudson is a health and wellness maven. Hey, it’s one of the reasons she was our November 2019 cover star. The 40-year-old actor, entrepreneur, and mama of three has always been into fitness, as proven by her Fabletics line and Instagram posts of her workouts. But she’s also an author of the wellness books Pretty Fun and Pretty Happy—not to mention a total health trendsetter who always has our attention when it comes to the latest must-tries in the wellness space. Here are 40 things she has said about her health routine—and they’re all habits and rituals that you could totally adapt yourself if you want to soak up some of Kate’s feel-amazing vibes.

1. She makes it a point to shut off her phone at night.

Some smartphone-free hours are hugely important to Kate. “If I come in nine-to-five, do all my work, and shut off my phone, I can have a balanced life,” she previously told WH. “I try not to let work spill into time with the kids, dinnertime, and in bed.”

2. She starts the day with a hearty breakfast.

Kate previously told WH she drinks celery juice first thing, followed by a protein shake, oatmeal, an acai bowl (check out that gorgeous one to the left!), or eggs.

3. She rotates between a variety of butt-kicking workouts.

Kate squeezes in three or four workouts a week, alternating between classes on her Peloton Tread, pole dancing (she has a pole at home), hot yoga, workouts at Body by Simone, Beachbody’s Brazil Butt Lift, and private Pilates sessions with instructor Nicole Stuart.

4. And she prioritizes Pilates to sculpt her bod.

Kate previously told WH that her go-to is always Pilates. “I love how flexible I get and what it does to the shape of my body,” she says.

5. She leans on her partner for support.

Kate started dating her partner Danny Fujikawa in 2016. She shared with WH, “I’ve got the best man. It’s the first time I feel like I have a real teammate in this. We’re able to pick up where the other one has to leave off.”

For the mom and boss, who is running four companies and counting, Danny’s support is paramount. “If I have to go to a dinner meeting, he can be home,” she adds. “His number one priority is family. And when we have our disputes, I feel the thing that allows us to get through them is having the same ultimate goal, and that includes being in each other’s life. It just feels so nice.”

6. She doesn’t stress about being the “perfect” parent.

Kate loves being a mom to sons Ryder, 15, and Bingham, 8, and daughter Rani Rose, 1—but she admits she’s not perfect.

“I make mistakes all the time,” she told WH. “I’ve yelled at my kids too much, and I’ve also cursed in front of them, and I also haven’t shown up for things because I was out of town. But at the same time, I have days where I’m like, ‘I’m a f*cking supermom.’ I am cooking, cleaning, doing homework, changing diapers, I worked out. What I’ve learned—and what I’m learning—is that I’m doing the best I can.”

7. She maintains healthy relationships with exes.

Kate remains hugely proud of co-parenting with her two exes, Black Crowes front man Chris Robinson and Muse singer Matt Bellamy.

“You’ve got to drop the ego,” she says of how she makes it work. “Some people meet, have kids, and end up not being able to figure it out.”

8. She believes in sharing self-care time *with* other people.

Although it’s usually not alone, Kate does make time for herself. “I do check out. I go away with [my family], usually to our ranch in Colorado. I sit and look out at the mountains,” She told WH. “My doctor says I should be going away on my own, but I’ll do that when my kids are a little bit older.”

9. She lets go of negativity.

“Happiness comes from feeling liberated,” she told WH. “I’ve always felt my best when I felt liberated from things that were holding me back.”

10. She lets herself feel negative emotions.

Kate doesn’t try to fight bad days. Instead, she leans into the emotions and lets herself feel all the feels. “I let myself feel like shit. I try to be open about where I’m at and go through it instead of avoiding it. Life is going to unfold the way it’s going to unfold.” she told WH.

11. She mostly eats a plant-based diet.

Kate loves meals that include squash or zucchini noodles. And she’ll add chicken, fish, or steak to the mix, she previously told WH.

12. She drinks *a lot* of water.

Kate describes water as a great healer. “When I’m drinking good water, my skin looks the best. If I had to conjure something up, it would be water,” she told WH.

13. She treats herself to facials.

Ever wondered about how Kate gets her uh-mazing skin? “Sometimes I’ll get good about getting facials. And I’ll do it like once a month for a couple months. That’s more of a decadent kind of fun thing,” she told WH.

But she also believes that actual face massages are an underestimated good-skin trick. “We massage our body, but our face needs it too,” she added.

14. She also does acid face peels.

Kate has a facialist who uses a natural peeling mask. “They are just these herbs activated with some kind of acid. It feels like she’s putting a sandpaper on your skin. Acne and any kind of sun damage stuff just peels away,” she shared with WH.

Kate has been doing the herb peel “forever,” but she does them sparingly due to how intense they are. ” It’s amazing on the skin, but if you do it really intensely, it’s like a three-day peel. It’s like it sunburns your face.”

15. She regularly schedules days off from work.

Kate told WH that she takes a four-day weekend every six to eight weeks, and a two-week vacation every six months.

16. She loves to meditate.

Kate completely shuts her mind off and meditates. “You’ve got to find time to meditate at least 10 minutes a day,” she told WH. “When I feel my best is when I’m meditating religiously.”

But sometimes, with the craziness of life, it doesn’t happen—and she’s also okay with that and accepts it. “I would be lying if I said that I was die hard every day,” Kate said.

17. She finds therapy in music and writing.

Writing, specifically writing music (her partner, Danny Fujikawa, also happens to be a musician by trade), is something Kate wants to accomplish more of—and she is in the process of writing her own record and letting some bluesy, folksy soulfulness out at the piano.

She explained to WH: “I’ll write what I know. The music that I write is all over the place. It could be anything from a hip-hop beat to a pop song to a country song. But…when I’m writing on the piano, it’s clear what genre of music it is.”

18. She likes to journal.

Kate doesn’t want to miss documenting any of the big moments in any of her kids’ lives. “I jot milestones down. I’ll jot ideas or things, but that’s the one thing I miss,” she said to WH.

19. She tries the latest workout trends.

Kate is adventurous when it comes to working out, and she made headlines for nursing her daughter while she was doing a Mirror workout last year.

The Mirror workout is a high-tech workout product that bills itself as an “interactive home gym,” according to CEO and founder Brynn Putnam. It looks like a normal mirror, but it streams live and on-demand fitness classes in a broad range of workout genres.

20. She’s a WW ambassador.

In December 2018, Kate announced that she was the newest WW Ambassador. “My why is really my kids and my family and longevity and wanting to be here as long as I possibly can,” she said. “It’s really about the holistic approach to weight loss.”

21. She’s nourished by her social connections.

Kate explained to The Cut: “I think one of the things that people forget is that we are a community. We are animals! The human animal is community-based. We need each other to support each other to survive.”

Kate also leans on her social circle for support when it comes to parenting, she went on to explain. “My thing is: Use your friends, use your family, use your resources to allow yourself to balance out certain things and to be able to do multiple things if you can. You don’t have to be the almighty mother wonder woman and do everything yourself.”

22. She Netflix and chills (but, like, just chills).

She also told The Cut that she has no problem doing nothing and kicking back with her kiddos in bed. “My real relaxing is, ‘Ugh, I just want to be in bed.’ I want my whole family there,” she said. “I want to just watch House Hunters International or something.”

23. She schedules time to be creative and write like she would with any other appointment.

Kate also told The Cut, “What I do is, I let everyone in my life know that when I’m focused on one thing, I’m focused on one thing, and that everything else can wait.”

For instance, if she’s working on a book, she’ll schedule her time to write and tell everyone that’s what she’s up to. “I guess when you get older, you learn how to set your boundaries,” she said.

24. She drinks alcohol in moderation.

Kate told InStyle that she likes cocktails and doesn’t restrict herself. “For me, it’s about everything in moderation and that’s just how I’ve always been in my life. I’m not an extremist,” she said. “It’s about being mindful of all the things that you’re putting in your body and how you approach them.”

25. She indulges and then hits the reset button.

She also told InStyle, “There are certain times in life where you just kind of just go for it and eat the things that you want to eat, and then you wake up in the morning and you get back to being mindful.”

26. She likes to set concrete goals.

“I think goal-setting can be really great. It can be helpful to really hone in on one thing. It can be travel, it could be wearing a new color, or getting more in touch with your adventurous side,” she told InStyle.

27. She works with a personal trainer.

Kate worked with personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer, who created the NW Method, after she welcomed Rani in 2018.

Winhoffer told Parade, “For my sessions with Kate, I focused on attuning to her body and abs, as mothers go through ab separation post-pregnancy. The most important goal for the sessions was to allow her to move to music and feel her body and muscles.”

28. She has workout buddies.

Kate’s frequent workout buddy is also another trainer, Nicole Stuart. The pair meet up once or twice a week for a private Pilates sesh and increase or decrease their training depending on Kate’s schedule.

29. She loves a dance workout.

Kate told Cosmopolitan UK that she was excited about a workout called POPfit. “It’s like a dance aerobic using no weights, just your own body, and I love that. It’s fun, it’s movement, it’s good music and you can connect to your body differently when you’re doing dance aerobics I think.”

30. She tunes in to her needs.

Instead of hunting for answers everywhere else about her physical and mental wellness, Kate looks inside her own mind and body.

“Everyone is sort of looking for an equation. They want the equation for ‘how do I get into these jeans?’. They want the equation to, ‘how do I live a long life?’ Or they want the equation to ‘how do I become more stylish?’. And really, there is no equation,” Kate explained to Cosmopolitan UK. “You have to actually connect to yourself. What do you like? What do you like to eat? What do you not like to eat? What makes you feel good?”

31. She doesn’t subscribe to health trends right off the bat.

“A trend is a trend is a trend, and for a lot of women it feels intimidating…One of the things that I find becomes depressing for people and daunting is feeling like they have to live up to something,” she told Cosmopolitan UK.

32. She doesn’t guilt herself over skipping workouts.

“It’s not guilt, it’s just acknowledgment of, ‘I’m not doing it.’ I think it’s really important that people don’t [feel guilty],” she told Cosmopolitan UK.

33. She sticks with low-carb fruit for snacks.

“I try to stay away from high-carb fruits,” she told Cosmopolitan UK, adding that she sticks to low-carb fruits and nuts instead.

34. She has healthy food hacks.

Kate has a process for resetting her body if she feels like she needs it. “I have a piece of this thing called Manna bread—it’s a very healthy but yummy bread—with a little bit of butter. I have a half a cantaloupe and one egg for breakfast. I have a snack, I have a lunch that consists of a protein and lots of greens, and any dressing I use I dip it in a fork,” Kate told Cosmopolitan UK.

35. She doesn’t eat after 7 p.m.

Kate does her own version of intermittent fasting, per her Cosmo UK interview. She explained,”for dinner I’ll do another protein and with a lot of greens, steamed with nothing on them. I don’t eat past 7 and I don’t [always] eat breakfast so I’ll give myself a good 14 to 16 hours in between meals.”

36. She tries not to conform to society.

Kate is just going to keep doin’ Kate. “We’ve been programmed to feel like we’re under this great obligation as women to look and be a certain way. And that’s not our fault. That’s what culture and society have gifted us as women,” she told SELF. “Thank you but no thank you.”

37. She tries not to let stress get to her.


Source From WomensHealthMag.com



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