Frequently Asked Questions

From Providers

  • What is HopJax?

    There are 160 mental health directories but HopJax is the first and only mental health directory that allows new clients to book intake appointments online right from the search results.

  • Why is it important to offer online scheduling to new clients?

    Clients want the convenience of booking an appointment online. It also reduces the stress and awkwardness of having to call multiple providers. According to the data 986 million appointments were self-scheduled and more than 70% of clients are likely to book an appointment when there is availability within 48 hours.

  • What HopJax is not?

    HopJax is NOT a third party platform that pushes clients towards providers, requires a certain number of clients to be seen, dictates the amount of contact you have with client or sets the pay rate for you. HopJax is simply, a mental health directory that allows clients to determine which provider is best for them based on their search criteria while also allowing them to book an appointment with that provider.

  • I don’t feel comfortable with having my availability open to the public, can I do phone consults with the clients first?

    Absolutely, when setting your availability in your profile you will only put in availability for new clients to book phone consults. Letting new clients book phone consults saves you the hassle of playing phone tag with the client, shows their commitment to receiving treatment and helps them feel encouraged that a provider is going to make time to speak to them.

  • How is allowing new clients the ability to book appointments online going to help providers be successful?

    By 2021 the research suggests that 70% of all appointments will be booked online. Of the appointments that are booked now 43% are booked after business hours which means you could be missing out on almost half of all new clients.

  • Can HopJax help me put a book an appointment button on my website?

    Absolutely, having a book an appointment button not only gives you a more professional website but really ensures you are not missing out on new clients who are interested in your services but booked with someone else because they wanted the convenience of booking online and therefore booked with another provider. Your book an appointment button will directly link to your HopJax profile. We are happy to help you set up this feature on website.

  • Can the client easily reschedule or cancel their appointment?

    The client will have their own HopJax profile they can use to reschedule or cancel their intake appointment. If they cancel within your cancellation policy, HopJax alerts them that the provider could charge a cancellation fee. If you do charge the client a fee, it gives them notification and a receipt.

  • How can the client fill out my intake paperwork if I’m using Simple Practice, Therapy Notes, etc..?

    Every provider sets up customized Welcome Emails that clients will automatically receive when they book an appointment. For providers using EHRs, you would simply type in the HopJax Welcome Email that another email will be following with instructions on how to complete the intake paperwork. You would follow the same steps you do now as if the client had booked the appointment over the phone. As the provider, you will receive an email telling you that a new client has booked an appointment with the client’s information for you to have the ability to send the email.

  • How does the client fill out the intake paperwork if my intake paperwork is a PDF or a Word document?

    Every provider setups a customized Welcome Email clients receive when they book an appointment. In this email, you can attach your intake documents. This email is automatically sent out when the client books an appointment.

  • I don’t have any current availability. Can I still have a profile?

    Of course, we understand provider’s caseloads and needs for new clients will ebb and flow. There is an option to put in no current availability and you can change your availability anytime. You are in completely control. Having a profile even with no availability give you more exposure to clients who could need you in the future.

  • I only see client’s online using tele-health. Can I hide my address from my profile but still show up in the search listings?

    Hopjax allows tele-health providers to hide their address but still show up in the search results.

  • How often will I show up in the search results?

    HopJax search results are listed by first available appointment of the provider that best fits the client’s search results.

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