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37 Things Kate Hudson Does To Stay In Shape—Physically And Mentally

There’s no denying that Kate Hudson is a health and wellness maven. Hey, it’s one of the reasons she was our November 2019 cover star. The 40-year-old actor, entrepreneur…

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Ending the silence about mental illness

One in six youth in the United States experience a mental health disorder and approximately 50% of these children and teens don’t receive any treatment for their illness.

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Bebe Rexha Dropped Her Mental Health Diagnosis On The Grammys Red Carpet, And We Fully Support Her

Walking a red carpet for any awards show is brave, but when celebrities go beyond the “Who are you wearing?” question to give us deeper insight into what it’s really like…

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How Social Media Is Having Unintended Consequences On Teen Mental Health

As teens go through everyday life, they deal with the normal pressures of school, friends, and family. One escape from this stress can be social media, but there can be unintended…

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2020 Mental Health Awareness Calendar

Are you looking for information on mental health awareness events and campaigns in 2020? Check out this amazing calendar by sacwellness.com and get involved this year!

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2020 National Mental Health Observances

Check out this great calendar by stampoutstigma.com detailing the mental health observance days in 2020! Let’s share and show our support this year in a big way!

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Betrayal Trauma in Addiction

Mary and George* have been together for three years. George is struggling with alcohol, cocaine, gambling, and sex addiction. Mary…

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How to Reset Your Wife When She’s Falling Apart

You can find them in every grocery store, office, playground and drop-off lane at the local elementary school. The women…

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World Mental Health Day – October 10, 2019

World Mental Health Day highlights mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against the social stigma. Treatment and support are available…

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