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Meghan And Harry Just Did A #BellLetsTalk Post

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to be enjoying their time in Canada and are participating in one of our country’s most widespread social media campaigns…

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Joker Director Didn’t Realize How His Movie Would Touch People Regarding Mental Health Issues

Has any other 2019 movie been more buzzy than Joker? The intimate drama inspired by the famed comic book villain broke massive records at the box office and became the highest…

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How Celebrity Moms, Who Suffered Mental Health Issues, Deal With Motherhood

Mental health issues- the term conjures the worst stereotypes: a disheveled man or woman flailing wildly about on the street, talking to themselves, volatile, disruptive; someone…

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It’s Okay To Grieve Kobe: How To Help Your Kids Cope With the Death Of A Celeb They Love

The sudden death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and eight others on a helicopter last Sunday shocked the world. We’ve had days of seeing grown men cry on national television…

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Suicides Among Police Officers Higher Than Line Of Duty Deaths

In the last two years, there have been more suicides among police officers than line of duty deaths. That’s according…

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Justin Bieber Says He Shouldn’t ‘Be Alive’ While Holding Back Tears at Album Listening Party

An emotional night. Justin Bieber teared up while reflecting on his battle with depression at a listening party for his as-yet-untitled fifth studio album on Thursday, January 23.

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Meghan and Harry’s Decision Shows The Importance Of Looking After Your Mental Health, Even When It Defies Expectations

With the threat of war between the United States and Iran looming in the headlines, it could be expected that people would focus solely on this.

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How JBalvin & Others Are Raising Mental Health Awareness

JBalvin is once again talking openly about his mental health struggles. On his new Spotify podcast, Made in Medellin, JBalvin got real about being the reggeatonero JBalvin and Jose…

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Professionals Share A Roundup Of What They Expect To Be 2020’s Top Health Trends

Trends come and trends go and the medical field is no exception. As we start a new year, many health providers expect technology will play a larger role in healthcare throughout…

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