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Sunday Scaries

It’s Sunday evening, which means the Sunday scaries can start creeping in.  Monday is around the corner, and anxiety is looming.  There are a few ways that we can try to combat that Sunday-Scary-Anxiety.

One way is to remember to breathe.  Practice grounding yourself back into your body.  When the anxiety hits, our breathing changes.  Slow it down, inhale, hold and exhale.  Place your hand on your stomach to feel your body steadying, relaxing and breathing.  As you do so, it can be helpful to practice a positive mantra that resonates with you.

Another helpful technique you can practice is to identify what you are grateful for in the upcoming week.  As Sunday night approaches we can often forget about the aspects of the week that we are looking forward to.  Listing these out can give us the opportunities to reframe that anxious energy into excitement.  I believe it is also beneficial for us to practice self-compassion on Sunday night.  When not all the tasks are marked off the list, feelings of frustration and stress can appear as Monday gets closer.

Remind yourself that you did the best you can do yesterday and today, and that is all we can do.  Allow yourself to feel accomplished for what was done and patient with the leftover “to-dos.”  It can be valuable to set goals for yourself for the week.  Going into the new week with a positive plan of action can help to reduce our focus on the negatives.  Try to set smaller daily goals that can help you move towards accomplishing a bigger goal that you want achieved by the end of the week.  Practice being mindful, present and breathing. Be kind to yourself and encourage yourself.  You can tackle whatever is thrown at you this week because you are strong, brave and courage.


Sourced by Brittany Barnes, M.A.



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