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Common Sexual Injuries

Most of us could probably agree that one thing that will absolutely kill libido quicker than anything else is incurring an injury while engaging in sexual activity.  Although it might surprise you, injuries during sexual activity is pretty common.  According to a UK study completed in 2010, there are several common injuries related to sex – that could ultimately be avoided.  Some of the most common injuries sustained are vaginal tearing, penial fractures, pulled muscles, carpet burns, bashed elbows and knees, and lost objects.  Since many of these could be dodged with a bit of forethought, let’s discuss the different ways to prepare and evade these injuries!

Vaginal tearing: Vaginal tearing and soreness usually arises from not being lubricated well enough before sexual activity (or lack of application after natural lubrication has dried out).  In order to reduce vaginal soreness or avoid tearing altogether, keep a personal lubricant nearby or in a night stand for sexual experiences.  There is absolutely no shame in using a natural lubricant!  Especially, if it allows for a sexual experience to happen more often and/or longer!

Penial fractures: Penial fractures can occur when someone slips/falls or potentially there is a break in rhythm of thrusting.  When trying out a new or precarious position make sure that both of you have are supported or have proper footing.  Also, be sure to communicate with one another when you think you are slipping or desire to slow down (or speed up).

Pulled muscles: Pulled muscles can occur when trying out something new which utilizes muscle groups that you typically do not rely on.  Try doing some light stretching before participating in sexual experiences, or better yet – add body stretches to your daily routine!!

Carpet or fabric burns: Skin will bruise or “burn” when rubbed repeatedly against a coarser fabric.  To avoid a carpet or fabric burn, try laying out a softer blanket or towel before the sexual experience begins.

Lost objects: It is not uncommon to lose condoms or other items in the vagina or rectum (if you have any doctor or nurse friends, I am sure they can attest to this experience).  If this occurs, trying having your partner feel for a lost condom (or other object) with their fingers.  If this does   work, seek medical attention to have the item removed.  In order to help avoid this experience use only items that are meant for sexual play; these objects are usually designed to avoid mishaps such as this.  Also, be sure that your partner is using the appropriate condom size and that the condom has been secured correctly before initiating penetrating.

Taking some time to consider the above possible injuries could help you and your partner avoid a sexual faux pau from occurring!  Sexual experiences are meant to be fun and pleasurable, so put some forethought into avoid issues that would take away from that experience.


Sourced by Katie Mitchell, M.A., Certified Sex Therapist



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